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Shopped new stuff

It’s finally in my possession – the Doily Lace edge shaper from Martha Stewart! It’s absolutely gorgeous and I know I overused it on the card but I just love it!! And I got the roses I ordered from Wild Orchid crafts (it’s actually cheaper to buy them from Scotland and have them sent all the way up here 🙂 ). I’ve more or less stopped raiding with Elysium cause having to be online on time for three hour raids 3-4 times a week just ain’t happening. I still have deep and strong affections for my characters on Hellscream but I’ll be a more casual player from now on. Raiding, doing some heroics and getting some achievements for the fun of it when I feel like it, that’s more me right now. And I’m going away with VindelĂ€lvsdraget next week – Wednesday to Sunday, and this is the first time in years I don’t feel I’m letting people down because of it.



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Newest addition to the card stack is this one made from off white paper shaded with Distress Ink, sprayed with glimmer mist and finally stamped. Very simple but I like it. Only one day left now, then… on Saturday is the first day of the Sports holiday AND a scrapping day in RödĂ„sel 🙂 Me like!!


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Har gjort ett receptkort för Ă€ldsta dotterns favoritrecept – nu behöver ingen springa runt och leta lĂ€ngre för nu hĂ€nger det framme :). “Men vad du hĂ„ller pĂ„”, var dotterns enda kommentar dock. Suck, ingen förstĂ„r en sann konstnĂ€r…

Är ocksĂ„ Ă€ntligen klar med chipboard-albumet jag köpte av Nettan pĂ„ Scrapeventet. SĂ„ otroligt roligt att hĂ„lla pĂ„ med, har du inte gjort nĂ„t chipboard-album mĂ„ste du bara prova. SĂ„Ă„Ă„Ă„ kul! Nu bĂ€r det ivĂ€g till personalfest pĂ„ skolan, raskt följt av grannens fyrtioĂ„rskalas imorrn, det kommer att kĂ€nnas i gammkroppen pĂ„ söndag 🙂

Made a recipe-card for R:s favourite cake, no more running around searching for it. “Ooh, the energy…” was all the ungreatful daughter sighed. Noone understands a true artist…

I’ve also finally finished the chipboard album I bought on the Scrapevent. So amazingly fun to work with, if you haven’t already you must try it out.  Well, now I’m off to the staff party at school, followed by a neighbour’s birthday party tomorrow… I’m gonna feel my age on Sunday 🙂



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Jag har Ă€ntligen fĂ„tt en möjlighet att uppdatera bloggen. Först var jag pĂ„ Scrapeventet i SkellefteĂ„ och det var magiskt roligt! Jag vann första pris i utmaningstĂ€vlingen sĂ„ jag fick vara med i programbladet, jag vann andra pris i en av kvĂ€llens utmaningar (gör ett Alla hjĂ€rtans Dags-kort utan rött och rosa) och jag vann första pris – en die frĂ„n Bosscut – i lotteriet.

Sen var jag ivĂ€g till Stockholm för att prata om kommande kursplaner och betygskriterier i svenska och fick möjlighet att trĂ€ffa, diskutera didaktik och Ă€ta middag med Gunilla Molloy – min absoluta idol nĂ€r det gĂ€ller didaktisk lĂ€rarlitteratur!!! Hon skickade för övrigt sin reviderade version av Reflekterande lĂ€sning och skrivning – signerad!! – som jag fick idag. Lycka!!!

Finally I got an opportunity to update my blog. I’ve been to SkellefteĂ„ on a scrapping event where I won the initial card challenge and was featured in the programme for the weekend. I won second prize in one of the challenges on Saturday evening (create a Valentine card without using red or pink) and I won first prize – a die from Bosscut – in the lottery. I had such a marvellous time, and I didn’t even glue my fingers together once!

And I’ve been to Stockholm to discuss the future content and grade criteria for the subject Swedish and I had the priviledge to meet, discuss didactics and have dinner with my absolute icon when it comes to didactic literature for teachers – Gunilla Molloy. And to make my week complete she sent me a copy of her revised edition of the book Reflexive reading and writing – signed and all! I’m floating on air right now 🙂


my winning card


My winnings 🙂


The second prize card

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De Àr ju för söta de smÄ alvstÀmplarna frÄn Magnolia.


Och sÄ ett enkelt kort som Amanda ville ha.



Nu har jag packat för scrapeventet i SkellefteĂ„, det kĂ€nns nĂ€stan lite nervigt… jag har benhĂ„rt glömt allt jag behöver. Första pysseltrĂ€ffen – ever sĂ„ det blir nĂ„t nytt 🙂

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Banana split

Äntligen! har mitt nya alfabet Banana Split kommit. Tillsammans med clearstamp-kanter frĂ„n Kelly Panacci och lite annat skojigt. Jag Ă€r sĂ„ supernöjd, ett riktigt fint – bara mitt – skinnimini alfabet!! SĂ„ jag har gjort ett kort till utmaningen hos Stamp something. Man skulle göra nĂ„t somrigt och dĂ„ blev det enkelt för jag har precis lĂ„nat bĂ€stisens nya stĂ€mplar frĂ„n Panduro :).

Finally! My new Banana Split alphabet from Quickutz arrived, together with some amazing clearstamps from Kelly Panacciand some more bits and pieces. They’re so nice, I’m so happy. Thank you so much Ioannis, trust me when I say these things bring so much more joy than cigarettes and vodka ;). I’ve made a card for the challenge at Stamp Something when you were supposed to create some summer in the winter. I know you can barbeque during the winter but who – except my freaky neighbours – do?


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Penny card

Here is my card for the Penny Black Saturday challenge “make a round card”:


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